Parents express growing frustration with Barbour County school system


Three parents, their children and four stakeholders in the Barbour County school system met with News 3 to discuss their growing concern and irritation with the school board. 

Amy Glenn doesn’t understand why her child’s math teacher isn’t certified and why the board members didn’t notify her. 

“I would go on the Alabama Department of Education’s website and do the certification search. It only comes up that she (the new teacher) has a substitution license,” Glenn says. 

She says she made sure that the website was accurate before getting upset. But after filling out some paperwork and contacting the school state department’s secretary, they told her that the teacher did not have certification to teach. 

“Why the administration can’t just say “Okay, she’s not certified but she does have her degree and she’s working toward certification.” That would be an acceptable answer. Do not lie to me,” she continued. 

Glenn says school officials told parents they hired certified teachers but that was a lie. 

Barbour County High School was placed on lockdown for 35 minutes after officials discovered someone had a BB gun close to campus. 

Denise Blackmon says she wasn’t happy with how the principal handled it.

“I got a phone call saying that the school had been on lockdown and the kids are safe. So, I went straight to the school and when I got there the principal came out and said “What are all of yall parents doing in this office? I informed yall that the kids were okay,” Blackmon recalled.

She says she’s scared when her daughter goes to school. 

“Just don’t know what’s going to happen. As a parent, I feel like they let us down,” Blackmon said. 

She says come next election cycle, the school board members are “outta here”. 

Tiwania Marshall has concerns about the non-use of the metal detectors in schools. “I noticed that the metal detectors were pushed aside behind the principal’s office.” 

Marshall feels like the metal detectors are there for a reason and should be used and just like Blackmon she didn’t like how the principal handled the lockdown today.

“It did something to me and a lot of parents that was up there today. We send our kids to school to learn. To me, it feels like they’re not doing their job,” she continued. 

Stakeholders Jean Kennedy and Portia Glenn say they’re advocates for the children of Barbour County and they want everyone to be held accountable. 

“Now we have this trust problem that we dot trust what they say and whatever they say we’ve gotta go and research it and we shouldn’t have to be doing stuff like this,” Kennedy began. 

She along with Portia Glenn feel like something needs to be done. 

“If you don’t tell somebody something, you can’t help it. See dark can’t help dark, light got to come from somewhere. Somebody is going to have to tell somebody something or we’re going to have to erase all of them,” Portia Glenn said.   

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