POWELL, Ala. (WHNT) — The town of Powell’s Chief of Police announced his resignation on social media Tuesday night citing some professional grievances between him and city leadership.

Gage Wilson, now-former Powell Chief of Police, wrote a lengthy social media post explaining his reasoning, also mentioning three other officers and a city councilman resigned with him.

Officer Frazier, Officer Roberts, Assistant Chief Morgan and Councilman Ronnie Helton ‘accompanied’ him in his departure, according to Wilson’s post.

Wilson cited two reasons for his resignation, “We were shut down on hours worked at the last meeting. We were also passed up for new equipment so the town could build a new town hall with COVID money provided for first responders.”

“These are things I can not stand for as a man or a Chief,” Wilson continued.

“This is one of the toughest moments of my entire career. I feel as if my team and I were really moving in the right direction for this town,” Wilson said. He says the department was responsible for over 100 incident/offense reports and over 100 arrests in the eight months he was Chief.

He also stated he has no personal issues with anyone at Powell and loves the town and its citizens. You can read his full statement on Facebook here.

News 19 is heading out to DeKalb County and working to follow up on this story. We will update this story with any additional information as we receive it.