MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — One state lawmaker is working to codify some of Alabama’s election rules into law.

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The first election-related bill from Sen. Clyde Chambliss (R- Prattville) would require paper ballots for all elections. The second prohibits any vote county machines from connecting to the internet.

Current administrative code already has those rules in place. Chambliss said these bills would cement them into law.

“If there is a problem, say a lightning strike or computer failure or something like that, we always have a paper trail to go back and to make sure that we have the count exactly right,” Chambliss said.

New Secretary of State Wes Allen supports the proposals. He said even though Alabama has secure elections, strengthening the current rules is important to voters.

“People want to know that their vote is protected,” Allen said. “Their vote is counted. It’s important to have those receipts, those paper ballots.”

Montgomery County Probate Judge JC Love said these bills wouldn’t impact election operations in his county.

“No, it doesn’t change anything that we do,” Love said. “It just puts it into law.”

He said the county uses paper ballots already and none of the voting machines connect to the internet or modem technology.

“There hadn’t really been a real issue here in Alabama about someone being able to hack into any of our equipment,” Love said.

Allen said these bills were brought last legislative session as well but did not get a vote in both houses.

The next session is just weeks away. Lawmakers will meet March 7.