HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Inflation is driving up the cost on everything across the U.S.

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The major factors that are driving up the prices: supply chain disruptions and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Gas, food and home is where you see prices the highest right now. In fact, some families have decided to sell their home and live life on the road in RVs.

Amy Hart and her family have been living in their RV full time for two years. They made the decision after her husband’s job had them moving from city to city. She said without them having a mortgage payment, they’re able to save money for gas and other things.

Though living in a RV has a lot of advantages, it also can be tough, especially with high gas prices. With Diesel currently priced at $5.38 a gallon, Brittany Nesmith said her family will have to make some adjustments to enjoy their summer vacation travels.

“I think it will effect certain experiences,” Nesmith said. “We’ll do more outdoor, hiking low budget options than to spend more on these high budget experiences when you go to certain places. So, it will effect us in that way. We will be able to do stuff but not the things we would do normally.”

They wanted to go to toward the west coast for the summer, but because of high gas prices, they’ll be traveling toward the east coast.