HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Marjorie Cappello, a former nurse accused of killing her husband, will likely not face a Madison County jury any time soon.

Cappello’s murder trial has been postponed several times, she remains out of jail on bond.

The trial was initially scheduled to happen in July 2021. Then it was pushed back to October, and just recently Cappello’s trial was postponed once again.

Cappello was indicted by a grand jury in 2019 on the allegation that she poisoned her husband, Jim Cappello with insulin at their South Huntsville home.

Her husband was reported missing by a friend and authorities say Cappello voluntarily went in for questioning but denied police access to the home for a search.

A warrant was obtained to search the home and police found Jim’s body in the family’s garage. Cappello was arrested and charged with his death.

Her murder trial was last scheduled to start on Jan. 24. However, the lead attorney in the case, Brian White, said he has another trial in Morgan County that will likely lead into next week.

Madison County Circuit Judge Alan Mann, who is presiding over the case agreed to continue the trial but a new date hasn’t been set.

Cappello was originally indicted in 2019 on a charge of reckless murder in the alleged poisoning of her husband. Prosecutors went back to the grand jury in 2021 and reindicted her on a charge of intentional murder.