VALLEY, Ala. (WRBL) – Valley police call the conditions of 12 pitbulls found chained, without food or proper water unfathomable. Now, as Valley Police continue their ongoing animal abuse investigation, a community of animal lovers is stepping up to help.

Wednesday afternoon, October 20, The sounds of dogs barking and yelping sparked the attention of two Valley Code Enforcement Officers checking on an abandoned home along Crystal Springs Road.

“They walked into the wood line and found a clearing. In that clearing, they found 12 pitbull dogs chained,” said Valley Police Chief Mike Reynolds.

Investigators say a mother dog and her 11 pups were are all malnourished. What little water they had was green and filled with insects. There was some shelter but no food. Chief Reynolds says the dogs were friendly, showed no signs of aggression. Some were timid, but craved human attention.

“They were all chained using logging chains connected to automobile axels that had been driven into the ground,” said Chief Reynolds.

Police seized the dogs from the owner, who does not live or own the property, where the animals were located. The suspect’s name has not been released as the investigation is ongoing and charges are pending.

“We are pursuing this case as animal cruelty, and there could be as many as 12 counts when it’s all over. It’s hard to fathom how somebody could pout an animal through something like that,” said Chief Reynolds.

This story of suspected animal abuse is on the way towards a happy ending, at least for the animals. Valley Police began reaching out to shelters immediately. The shelters were at capacity but began spreading the word among other animal lovers about the dogs needing help. Valley police organized the effort and spoke with many rescues and foster homes. As of late Thursday afternoon, families have been found for all of the animals and will be placed as soon as possible.

News 3 will keep you updated as the case continues.