MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — The owners of a small car dealership in Mobile are speaking out after falling victim to what appears to be a sophisticated car theft ring. Five vehicles were taken in a matter of minutes.

Court records say at least two men have been arrested but police could be looking for several more. It happened at MPH Auto Group on Schillinger Road, early in the morning on Thursday, January 5th. The owners say a crew of guys parked off the property. They ripped off the power meter on the side of the building. That then cut the power to their numerous security cameras. The team then smashed their way through the back door. They ransacked the office and dug up as many keys as they could. Then drove off with five Dodge Chargers. It’s a surprisingly coordinated crime that’s shaken up this small local business.

“It makes me feel scared, I feel like nothing we have is safe no matter how much security we have it’s like they’re able to come in and take whatever they want,” said MPH Auto Group Owner Wendy Hensell. “It makes us very angry, to say the least and it makes me feel scared I used to be okay with staying in our lot by myself and now I no longer feel a sense of security at all.

Hensell said two vehicles were recovered quickly by MobilePpolice that morning–one was discovered in Birmingham but two are still in the wind. She says they’ve also been frustrated by Mobile Police saying they feel they haven’t been updated on the case and the owner says she did her own detective work and found one of the suspect’s cell phones on their property.
Mobile Police say the investigation is ongoing. When asked for comment on what happened in January MPD declined to release additional information saying it’s an ongoing investigation. A spokesperson says they have been keeping the victims up-to-date.

Mobile Police did confirm Rickey Coleman from Birmingham is one of the men arrested for the theft at MPH Auto. He is being prosecuted in Mobile County and is charged with five counts of property theft among several other charges. He is currently being held in Mobile Metro Jail.

Court records also indicate another man in Jefferson County, Derrick Brown, is being prosecuted for receiving stolen property. An affidavit says the property is one Dodge Charger from MPH Auto Group.