THEODORE, Ala. (WKRG) — A wildfire in Theodore continues to smolder a day after fire crews worked to put the heavy blaze out. As the smolder eventually turned into flames, neighbors in the area are concerned about the fire continuing to spread.

Fowl River Fire Rescue, Theodore Dawes Fire Rescue, and other fire departments worked to put out a wildfire on Deakle Road in Theodore Friday evening. According to Fire Chief Frank Byrd of Theodore Dawes Fire Rescue, crews were able to contain the fire without it spread to any houses or other structures.

24 hours later, Deakle Road continues to be a sight of leftover fire as smoke continues to fill the sky. Eventually, the flames would start again, causing residents like Jimmy Ezell to raise many concerns as he lives right next to the woods.

“It’s very nerve wracking,” Ezell said. “Because, you know, again, I say this is all I have. It’s paid for. Once is gone, it’ll be gone.”

According to Chief Byrd, the cause of the fire is most likely from something burning in that area previously. He explained that South Mobile County is experiencing dry conditions, and in those conditions with added wind can cause flames to start again.

Benji Elmore with the Alabama Forestry Commission was at the fire Friday evening, and he explained most wildfires start by something burning and left unattended.

“Generally speaking, most wildfires are caused by people, either intentionally or by accident, I would say most of them this time, or are accidental that somebody’s burning trash in their backyard, and they leave it unattended, and it gets away from them,” Elmore said. “But it happens quite a bit.”

And for Ezell, he sees neighbors burn trash and debris in the woods, and he believes this contributes to the wildfires.

“I mean, there’s nothing you got to burn right now,” Ezell said. “That’s not important because you burn some people’s homes up, man, over some trash.”

According Elmore, Mobile and Baldwin Counties have seen 93 so far this fiscal year compared to 125 last year, but he says that number could increase if weather conditions don’t significantly improve in our region.