"Brunch Bill" extending Sunday alcohol sales in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) - Auburn's city council voted six to three in favor of extending Sunday alcohol sales, beginning April 29th.  The small two-hour extension could prove to be a big deal for the local economy.

A splash of hot sauce completes Acre's perfect Bloody Mary. Now,  lovers of bacon and brunch can order the breakfast beverage two hours sooner on Sunday, as the Auburn City Council voted in favor of the Brunch Bill on Tuesday.

"This is exclusively for licensed restaurants, an on-premises license only so you can't go to the grocery store or liquor store or gas station.  This is for restaurants only, which is why we dubbed in the Brunch Bill," said Robyn Bridges, vice president of The Opelika Auburn Tourism Bureau.

The Opelika Auburn Tourism Bureau worked with the Alabama Hospitality and Restaurant Association to extend Sunday Sales for nearly a year. Recently Alabama legislators voted to allow Auburn City Councilors to decide the issue.   

"Our numbers show restaurants have the opportunity to make up to $25,000 extra in that two-hour window per establishment, up to $25,000.  That is great incremental income and of course adds taxes for our city," Bridges said.

Auburn's Acre is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the Southeast. GM Blake Field is thrilled with the extended opportunity to pair menu items with specialty drinks, enhancing flavor on Acre's plates.  

Field hopes the Brunch Bill will serve up further success not only for Acre but other establishments as well.     

"It's not just about increasing what we are doing and increasing profitability for others, it's also about increasing the love for Auburn,"  said Filed.

As far as economic development, some city leaders hope the Brunch Bill will encourage other restaurants to locate in Auburn.  

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