City Council of Phenix City Discusses Traffic Camera Resolution

PHENIX CITY, Ala (WRBL) - A resolution the city council in Phenix City presented Tuesday could keep the red light cameras on and watching.

Phenix City implemented the Red Light Safety Program through an agreement with the surveillance company, Redflex Traffic Systems in February of 2017. The city council introduced a resolution
today to extend and change that agreement.

This program is responsible for the cameras above the traffic lights on 13th and Broad streets as well as on two other intersections in the city. the first red light camera went live in April
2013, and one driver, Camryn Harden, says the cameras are a good thing.

"It kind of makes me nervous because you know, like, when you're driving and the light turns sometimes you can't stop, and so that would cause you to run a red light and then somebody else is coming," she says. "But I really think they benefit because it reminds you to stop or you're gonna get a ticket, and it could stop, like, a collision."

The tickets can be up to 100 dollars for first time offenders and up to 200 dollars for second time
violators.A first offender could also get 10 days behind bars.

The resolution was not voted on today, but News 3 will keep you updated on whether or not the council chooses to extend the new agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems.

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