Ivey expresses faith in ALEA's investigation into Bradford shooting

MONTGOMERY, Ala (WRBL) - For the first time we are hearing from Governor Kay Ivey on the Hoover Galleria Mall shooting.

We asked Governor Kay Ivey about the officer involved shooting at The Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, she had little say, but did weight in.  

The investigation into the deadly Hoover officer involved shooting is now in the hands of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

The shooting has made national headlines and is attracting a lot of attention to the state of Alabama.

Monday, at a event at the Capitol ---- we asked governor Kay Ivey about the shooting, now that the state is investigating.

"It's a tragic situation.  SBI has taken over the case. They're working it. Stay tuned,” said Governor Ivey.

Many people have called for body camera or anything of official video to be released---- we asked Ivey about it.

"SBI is going to handle the situation and respond accordingly,” Governor Ivey said.

Meanwhile, the city of Hoover announced it will offer weekly updates on the shooting investigation.


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