TUSKEGEE, Ala —  The search is on for a killer in Tuskegee.

Joshua Thompson and another victim were gunned down just off the Tuskegee University campus two weeks ago. The other victim survived, but Thompson died instantly.

Alabama authorities are setting up temporary quarters on the Tuskegee University campus in hopes of advancing their investigation.

Investigators with Alabama’s State Bureau of Investigation were here on campus today and will be back tomorrow with their mobile unit set up looking for witnesses who might know something about the murder of Joshua Thompson.

Justin Merritt grew up in Tuskegee, and so did his friend Josh Thompson.

“He was a pretty good fellow. Nice, hardworking man, always really funny, kind. He was a nice guy,”

says Merritt.

When he heard about Josh’s murder, he couldn’t believe it.

“I went home and somebody said there was a shooting. They said, ‘Josh was shot, and he’s dead.’ And I said, ‘No, not the Josh that I know because I just saw him.’ The sad part is that it was,” says Merritt.

Thompson was murdered last month on Thursday, August 18, just off Tuskegee University’s campus following a party.  The reason investigators have set up temporary quarters at Tuskegee University is that they are pretty sure there were witnesses, due to the large crowd leaving that party.

“Any information that the general public can give us can help us bring a murderer to justice, and at this time, that’s what the SBI is asking.  That anyone who has any information on that incident that took place on August 18 that took the life of Joshua Thompson that they come forth with that information and hopefully help us solve this crime,” says Corporal Jess Thornton, with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

Authorities are hoping someone might have captured pictures or video on their phones around the time of the shooting.

Agents with the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation will be on campus Friday, September 2, between 9 am and 1 pm CST. If you have information to share, please stop by. If you wish to remain anonymous, and to be interviewed at a remote location, call the SBI at (334) 242-1142. SBI also has a crime tip line at (800) 392-8011.

If you would like to contact the Tuskegee Police Department, call (334) 727-0200.