Andrea Washington

My name is Andrea Washington, I am currently studying Communications at Columbus State University (CSU) and looking forward to the internship opportunity with WRBL. I am very excited about the new opportunities, as well as knowledge, and experience I will learn in social media, editing, and etc. and further build my portfolio to make me more equipped for the career I want to work in.  I’m also excited about the new people and connections I will gain from this experience. I truly believe this opportunity will be life changing and because of that I am extremely blessed. 

A highlight moment while at CSU was taking the classes, Writing for Media and Interactive Media Production. These two classes helped to prepare me for my journalism career field as well as confidence in this type of work. Through these classes, I gained knowledge such as how to write in news and how social media can play a big role in my career. The two professors were very helpful and each gave insight on how to be successful not only for their class but in life. I look forward to using these life lessons in my journalism career as well as in my personal life. 

My dream job is to become a news reporter/anchor.  This dream came into focus after watching morning news daily, speaking at multiple church functions, and receiving compliments from audience members.  I also listened to constructive criticism by not taking it personal but bettering myself daily to reach my goals. I look forward to pursuing this dream as well as new experiences in the future. I also look forward to making mistakes and messing up because these moments shape us into strong and great people to inspire others.  

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