COLUMBUS, Ga.- A handful of bills that would be affecting animals in Georgia would not only have an impact on your pets at home, but also those in shelters.

One piece of legislation, the Georgia Cost of Animal Care Act, would make pet owners accused of animal cruelty pay for the animal’s care during trial. Bobbi Yeo, CEO of Paws Humane, says this would be especially helpful in large cases like animal hoarding, when resources extend beyond what shelters can afford. She says it would also help animals get into loving homes sooner.

“What happens is the owners of these animals are reluctant to give them up to relinquish them and if they know that in the end they’ll have to pay the cost of care, they’re more willing to relinquish them early on in the trial and that way they can move on and get into homes,” Yeo told News 3.

Under the act, if the owner is found innocent, they would be reimbursed.

35 out of 50 states currently have a similar law.

Another bill on Governor Deal’s desk is HB 561, a bill that would declare the adoptable dog as the official state dog. If passed, it would help bring awareness to homeless pets to help them find their forever homes.