COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – A devastating fire ravaged a Columbus apartment complex Tuesday.
The fire gutted 4 units, leaving 9 people displaced including one child. A Columbus nonprofit is rallying around these residents and lending a helping hand.

Over 5 units from Columbus Fire and EMS responded as black smoke filled the air on Tuesday afternoon. As multiple units from Northwood apartments burned residents quickly turned to the man they call Coach, Dewayne Webb, who runs the global “All about Fitness Family”.

“They said, Coach, call me, call me ASAP. It’s an emergency”

Dewayne Webb – CEO and President, ‘All about Fitness Family’

As fire crews did the best they could, residents watched as they lost everything.

“And the only thing he could do was go in, get his dog and run out. And it’s a total loss. Only the shoes, the pants, underwear, the shirt and the jacket on his back is what he owns.”

Dewayne Webb – CEO and President, ‘All about Fitness Family’

Webb took to the bootcamp Facebook group and called on the fitness family to rally together. The ‘All about Fitness family’, is more than just fitness. It’s a constant support system that brings the community together and in times of crisis they’re lending a helping hand to every family affected.

“You don’t have to come to boot camp for us to help you because we are the hands and feet of Jesus. We’re more than just a workout. We’re a family. We’re Christian based organization. If you are affected by that fire, get in touch with all about fitness. I don’t care if you’ve never been to a workout were going to help you out the best we can.”

Dewayne Webb – CEO and President, ‘All about Fitness Family’

Columbus Fire and EMS Division Chief John Shull says 4 units were a total loss.

Fortunately nobody was injured but 9 adults and a child are left without a roof over their head.

Anyone looking to help can or if you were directly impacted by the apartment fire, reach out to Webb at the email address provided: