TALBOT COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – Over the next year residents in Talbot County will see a new rock quarry coming to Woodland.

It has been a torn community in Talbot County some residents still expressing where they stand: support the quarry vs. stop the quarry. In June the planning and zoning commission board denied the rezoning, some believed that was the end of the road.

In July, the Board of Governors approved the proposal unanimously.

Pleasant Valley projects the new quarry would boost the local Talbot County economy by 10% and bring more jobs to the area.

“There will be a cascading series of effects of positive economic development from the standpoint of just the direct number of people we will be hiring and the ancillary support businesses that will then be able to benefit by our presence in the community.

Jack Mitchell – President, Pleasant Valley Road Quarry

They estimate 20-25 jobs will be available at the quarry and around 60 jobs that could be added through outside companies like trucking. For every ton shipped out on rail the county and school system will see a profit, 25 cents per ton will be given back to the city and 10 cents per ton for the school district.

“There seem to be some real needs with in the community, and we said to the school district, you spend it the way you see fit.”

Jack Mitchell – President, Pleasant Valley Road Quarry

The new quarry sits northwest of Pleasant Valley Road off of Georgia State Route 41 also along a railroad line. Residents have expressed concern when it comes to blasting. Pleasant Valley Road Quarry LLC says blasts would only be conducted Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Residents will also be alerted when blasts take place.

“It’s not going to be anywhere near as intrusive as the rail line that’s there right now. When I was out there talking to people in their living rooms, you can hear that rail go by several times during the course of the day.”

Jack Mitchell – President, Pleasant Valley Road Quarry

As for the sound they say it would never be more than 7p decibels. A blast only lasts about a second long. There are multiple Quarry’s along Georgia State Route 90 in Junction City. Mitchell encourages residents to see for themselves.

“I think until they see a blast and see that, there actually not as intrusive as people are lead to believe.”

Jack Mitchell – President, Pleasant Valley Road Quarry

Pleasant Valley suspects the quarry would produce $21 million in rock revenue.

Following the approval, Pleasant Valley is required to get several state permits that are currently in the works. They plan to break ground in the Spring of 2024.