The line is long for the COVID-19 vaccine. And there is not enough to meet the demand.

My father and stepmother – Horace and Brenda Williams – clearly fall into the high-priority category that is currently receiving first priority for the limited supply.

He’s into his 80s and she’s a cancer survivor in her 70s.

She qualified as a cancer patient of Piedmont Columbus Regional. She got an order from her doctor. But had to signup online.

“When I first went it was all gone,” Brenda Williams said. “So, I kept checking daily, sometimes twice a day. All of a sudden last week, bingo there it was. And I picked out this morning.”

She got the shot Monday morning on the Piedmont Midtown campus. The room was set up to quickly move patients and employees through the process.

“Because of my cancer I was medically ahead of him,” Brenda Williams said.

with her appointment secured, she began looking for a place to get my father vaccanated.

She turned to an alternative in Eufaula, where they lived and worked for 50 years.

“I saw Medical Center Barbour site so I went there,” Brenda Williams said. “Phone number to call and I got him there.”

He is scheduled for later this week.

Her advice for older people seeking the vaccine, but intimidated by the online registration process?

“Be persistent,” she said. “Check the websites. Call the phone numbers. Whatever you do, get it.”

Access the Georgia Department of Public Health

Access to the city COVID-19 sign-up site

Hannah Davenport is a Piedmont Columbus Regional nurse who was getting her second shot Monday. She says that younger people should help the older ones navigate this mostly online process.

“Either sit with them and do it or get their information,” Davenport said. “It is intimidating I think for older people that might not know how to navigate. You got to refresh the site. Put in information and click here. “

The Piedmont clinic is for employees and patients and it’s appointment only. So is the city-facilitated clinic that vaccinated more than 4,000 people last week.