COLUMBUS, Ga- The case of Tara Grinstead, the 30 year old high school teacher who went missing from Ocilla in Irwin County eleven years ago remains a mystery.  Thanks to an Atlanta filmmaker’s Podcast, the case is receiving renewed attention.  Only on 3, Payne Lindsey talks to WRBL about his passionate pursuit for the truth in this haunting unsolved mystery.

“People are starting to realize that it’s okay to talk about it, and it’s only doing harm to not talk about it,”  says filmmaker Payne Lindsey of Atlanta.

And people all over are talking about the Tara Grinstead case, thanks to Payne Lindsey’s Podcast “Up and Vanished.”  The filmmaker’s research into the missing Irwin County High School teacher’s disappearance is reigniting interest and theories as to the fate of the 30 year old Grinstead, last seen in Ocilla on October 22, 2005.

One Podcast is approximately 30 minutes, but you won’t believe the amount of time Lindsey invests to pursue his passion of advancing the Grinstead case.

“But as far as putting together a full 30-minute episode, it really takes . . probably weeks is the best way I could probably gauge it,” says Lindsey.

That’s because Lindsey tracks down witnesses and leads whenever possible and interviews investigators and people who knew Tara.  Lindsey says part of exploring possible scenarios of what to Grinstead involve examining her connections to others, friendships and romantic relationships.  But in doing so, Lindsey says, his purpose is not to cast judgment, but to find truth.

“From what we know, Tara’s not here to defend herself or to say anything otherwise. We have to go with what we know and what we’re being told by everyone else and see as far as we can. So, I think it’s something we definitely can’t omit,” says Lindsey.

And because he’s finding so much information about the case, Lindsey says hi original plans of one documentary length film have evolved into a television series format.  Lindsey hopes to announce the details on the release of it soon, so stay tuned.