AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – A State Wrestling Champion walks the halls at Auburn High School. Erin Clarkson, a 10th grader, earned an individual State Championship in the 102-pound division of wrestling.

According to a social media post for Auburn City Schools, the tournament took place at Thompson High School over the weekend. Within the first 15 seconds of the match, Erin found herself on her back from a quick hip toss from a Daphne High School competitor. Because of Clarkson’s extensive gymnastics background, she could bridge off her back and continue moving until the legal move became an illegal one, causing a 1-point penalty and stopping the match. Back in referee position, Clarkson continued to fight to her feet to get the escape point, making the match 5-2, but ultimately took her opponent down with a score of 5-4. The Daphne wrestler reached back to capture Erin’s head. Still, Erin was ready and quickly secured the half-nelson, flipping the opponent to her back, and three seconds later, the State Championship defining slap of the mat, signifying the pin.

Auburn City Schools is proud of Clarkson for her success in representing athletics at the state level. Congratulations to Clarkson and all the champion wrestlers.