AUBURN, Ala. – The Auburn University Athletics Ticket Office reported seeing many types of counterfeit ticketing during the matchup against Georgia earlier in this month and is once again asking fans to use caution regarding counterfeit tickets for this weekend’s Iron Bowl. According to a news release from the Athletic Department, the only authorized outlets to sell tickets are the Auburn Ticket Office, the Alabama Ticket Office, ReplyBuy and Stub Hub. Purchasing tickets from other sources is done at the buyers’ own risk. For the Georgia game, the Auburn ticket office and law enforcement saw four types of counterfeiting in effect, the release said:

  • Poorly reproduced hard tickets: The ticket office saw tickets printed on inferior paper stock, without embossing, poor color quality, and incorrect back ad.
  • Seat Location Fraud: The latest fraudulent tactic being seen by ticket offices is seat location “photo-shopping” on print-at-home paper tickets. If you are purchasing a paper ticket from an individual (either in person or online), there is a chance of a fraudulent seat location, even if the original ticket was purchased from an authorized ticket seller. An example of this type of fraud would include purchasing a ticket from a source other than StubHub, yet the ticket has “StubHub” on it, but the location on the ticket has been altered.  If this occurs, the ticket holder will be required to sit in the seat location of the original ticket. Prior to purchasing tickets, you should reach out to the Auburn ticket office to check seat locations, either by phone in advance of the game or at a ticket trouble shooting area on game day.
  • Incorrect Game: Scalpers outside the stadium sold both future and previously played game tickets.  Please carefully check all text on the ticket to ensure the proper game is displayed.
  • Counterfeit Money: Scalpers outside the stadium were purchasing tickets from individuals using counterfeit money.

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF:The Auburn ticket office is asking fans to give considerable thought before attempting to purchase tickets from an unauthorized ticket outlet.  If fans do purchase from one of these sources, they are encouraged to take a picture of the scalper and their badge, and ask to see a picture ID. Ask the seller if they will accompany you to the Gates to verify authenticity of the ticket. An EOG staff member will scan the ticket and verify its authenticity for entrance.  EOG gate scanners cannot verify a ticket’s seating location authenticity, only one of the troubleshooting areas can authenticate seating locations.  If they refuse, use caution. Once the ticket is scanned, the customer must enter the stadium.Fans can verify the authenticity of their tickets outside JHS at the Ticket Office and at the Auburn Arena. However, the authenticity can only be verified for that moment in time, if a ticket is authenticated it is recommended to immediately enter the stadium.  If the tickets have been duplicated (copied, resold, etc.) in any way, the first ticket to enter the stadium will be the “good” ticket and any subsequent tickets will be scanned invalid.Fans should exercise caution when approached in outer parking lots or downtown area of Auburn.  Counterfeit sellers have been known to travel by bicycle so they can move away quickly if approached by law enforcement.  Many of the counterfeit tickets purchased for the UGA game were sold in the downtown area of Auburn.  BAR CODE: A ticket’s authenticity is in the bar code.  If a ticket is purchased from another source the bar code may have been duplicated and the first to enter the stadium will be the valid ticket.  Officials from EOG, located at each gate, are instructed to not allow counterfeit tickets to enter the stadium. If a counterfeit ticket is discovered, the ticket holder will be escorted out of the stadium. Troubleshooting areas for fan questions are set up at Gates 13, the Auburn Arena Box Office, and at any of the three Jordan-Hare Stadium ticket box offices (West, Northeast, South).PERMITS REQUIRED: The City of Auburn requires all individuals re-selling tickets to obtain a permit. Permits will include a city-issued badge with photo identification.  The permit does not legitimize the sellers as Auburn University representatives, nor does it validate the tickets they are selling. The purpose of the scalping permit is to provide Auburn police officers an opportunity to engage and identify individuals scalping tickets during Auburn Athletics events.  Individuals that choose to purchase tickets from a scalper are encouraged to document the permit number.REPLYBUY: Sign up for AuburnFastPass to see last-minute ticket availability for the Alabama game. If tickets become available from previous allotments reserved for visiting team, player comps, recruits and high school coaches, registered fans will receive a text with the ability to respond and purchase tickets on their smart phones. Register at or text AUBURN to 20123.  Tickets purchased through ReplyBuy are delivered as mobile ticket only. TICKET TRANSFERRING: Owners of tickets purchased through the Auburn or visiting team’s ticket offices have the ability to resell their tickets online. When that happens the original ticket will become invalid and the online ticket becomes the “good” ticket. Please remember that only StubHub is an authorized secondary ticketing provider for Auburn Football tickets, purchasing from other online resellers is done at the buyers’ own risk.  We encourage fans to ask questions to make sure that the ticket you have purchased has not been sold online. SOCIAL MEDIA: The Auburn ticket office encourages fans not to post pictures of their tickets on any social media platforms.  This can jeopardize the safety of your ticket, especially if the bar code is visible in the photo.  Individuals can duplicate a ticket with this information, as well as sell a ticket using this information on secondary ticket selling sites. If you suspect an individual is selling counterfeit tickets, please alert the nearest law enforcement official, email, text AUBURN followed by thomplaint to 69050 or call 334-844-4750.