Be alert and have a plan – these safety tips could save your life


Women, men and children should always have a mentally rehearsed plan of action, such as what you would do, or where you would go in the event you were victimized in some way. Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Here are a few safety tips shared by we should all practice in our life.

Walk with your head up while displaying a sense of confidence and purpose. When a tiger chases its prey, it never goes for the fastest and strongest. Instead, it picks the slowest and weakest for its meal. The same can be said about human predators. If two people are walking down the street, the less confident of the two will have a greater risk of being victimized.Walk confidently, keeping aware of the people in front of you, behind you and to your sides.

Never take a drink from a stranger or leave a drink unattended. Do not go out by yourself. Travel in groups. Do not run or exercise alone. Park next to your location in a lighted area. Ask for a certified safety escort out to your car by calling a local law enforcement agency or asking for a certified building security guard. Make sure they are certified.

If you walk to your vehicle and see it has a flat tire, walk right back inside from where you came from. Call for help from inside a well lit area. If you walk out to your car and notice a van parked next to it, walk back right inside and call for an certified public safety escort or help.

Always lock your windows and doors at home and in your vehicle. Do not sit in your parked vehicle and get distracted by checking your phone. Go home or to your next destination.

If someone tries to pull you over while you are traveling on the road by indicating you have something wrong with your car, don’t stop. Proceed to a well-populated area and call 911 if you ever feel afraid. If you see someone on the side of the road who has car trouble, call 911 for them.

Do not assume because you live or work in a good area you can relax your guard. Predators come from every economic, ethnic, and religious background. Serial killers come from the ranks of brothers, fathers, grandfathers, cousins, uncles, neighbors and co-workers.Always trust your instincts, if you feel something is wrong, act on your feelings. Studies have shown that most people that have been victimized had a feeling something wasn’t right just before they were attacked.

Always be physically and mentally prepared to run or escape an attacker, or as a last resort, to fight back. Have a plan of action and keep it simple. There are no absolutes and nothing will work in every situation; but a good plan of action that may be as simple as running and screaming for help, can significantly improve your chances of escape.

Wear sensible shoes and clothing that will not restrict your movement. It is also a good idea to carry a personal alarm, whistle, key-chain baton, or pepper spray. However, you should seek training on the use of these items to maximize your ability to properly use them. Be aware that items like key-chain batons and pepper spray should never be carried on any form of public transportation or into any building or facility that bans these types of personal defense weapons.

If you carry a gun, make sure you take a gun safety course. Many law enforcement agencies offer them.

If possible, do not restrict the ability to use both hands by carrying a purse, bags or many packages. When walking to and from your home, vehicle, or work place, try to keep only your keys in your hand. If you have bags or packages, push them in a cart, if possible.

When you do your banking, avoid a routine. If you carry large amounts of cash, have someone follow you or go with you.Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.If you feel that you are in danger, never feel awkward or embarrassed about enlisting the help of others.

If someone attempts to rob you with a weapon, try to keep very calm and do not make any quick movements. Cooperate with the predator by giving them any valuables they may be demanding from you. You can also throw them down and run away.

If someone attempts to force or con you into going with them, turn and run “like lighting” while screaming at the top of your lungs for help. Fight like your life depended on it. Parents, practice with your children at home. Encourage them to scream, “You’re not my mommy, you’re not my daddy” if someone tries to take them. Encourage your children to scream this aloud at home with you, so if they are in a situation they will be prepared to use their voice.


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