COLUMBUS, Ga. — A local animal shelter is doing everything in its power to find cats and dogs forever homes.

Animal ark rescue needs your help, by fostering kittens and dogs that are either too young to be spayed and neutered or older pets who are ill or injured.

The fostering program provides these animals with a temporary home while they’re awaiting placement.

Animal Ark says foster families can help an animal transition from the stress of being abandoned by providing shelter, food, care and love.

Most times the larger and mixed breed dogs are overlooked and with the foster program these animals that have been in the shelter for more than a month will get some TLC until they’re adopted.

The greatest number of kittens are born during “kitten season”, which begins in early spring and runs through late fall.

Animal Ark says they’re getting new kittens on a daily basis and with the foster program it opens up the flow for new animals to be placed in the shelter.

If you become a foster parent that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt your furry little friend.

For more information on how you can help an animal in need click here.