Behind the scenes of MacGyver


DULUTH, Ga.- A CBS Network show is being filmed in Georgia. Producers of the re-mixed MacGyver series say the tax incentives brought them here.

The hit 80’s show MacGyver is back.

Tristin Mays who plays Riley Davis tells us what we can expect.

Mays said, “Running, drama, awesomeness.”

Lucas Till’s character, Angus “Mac” MacGyver uses his extraordinary talent for unconventional problem solving.

“There are all kinds of Macgyvering that I do like the decoupling of the train and there’s another day when I was using a cardboard battery as an arch welder to cut some locks off of a wall,” said Tiller.

Mays said you won’t see MacGyver using a gun on the show because he prefers using his brain power to come up with unexpected ways to save lives.

“It’s like a chemistry lesson and it’s great because it also has that action, it’s got romance drama and all that stuff everyone loves,” said Mays.

Justin Hires plays MacGyver’s best friend on the show. The character Wilt Bozer is oblivious to everything and he has no idea that MacGyver is part of a top secret organization for the U.S. government.

Hires said, “I walk in with a prosthetic mask and MacGyver doesn’t know that it’s me and he drops me to the ground and he tries to beat my behind. He pulls off the mask and I’m like man what is wrong with you.”

Jeff Wolfe, the Executive Director and Stunt Coordinator says the show is action packed.

“Helicopters on the back of trucks, to running across the top of trains. The other night we had a group of guys jumping out of helicopters onto a moving train, you know fun stuff like that,” said Wolfe.

The cast says the recreation of the show will be like nothing you’ve seen before and that this season will have a 21st century spin on the original MacGyver.

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