COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Agencies all over the Fountain City lined up at the Civic Center ready to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Columbus community for National Night Out.

As the convoys set out to neighborhoods all over the city the focus remained on investing in and building stronger relationships, even with one another.

“Watching and being a part of all the different agencies coming together, the way that we should be anyways, we’re going out into the community as one.”

Command Sgt. Larry Marshall – Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office

There was fellowship, music, hot dogs and hamburgers, and for the kids, a waterslide!
The slide wasn’t only for the kids, multiple law enforcement officers slid down right alongside them.

“It was more than I could ever imagine… as soon as I stood up, I couldn’t even see because of the water, all I see is high fives from the children. So that was just really a nice experience.”

Jake Liggett – Columbus Police Department, Officer

These first responders were cooling down on the hot summer day while investing in the relationships with our youth.

“Our kids are our future, so it’s very important that we connect with them now.”

Chris Anderson – Command Sergeant, Columbus Police Department

National Night Out is an opportunity for residents to put names to faces, for the people they think about often.

“I don’t know when I started. I’ve been doing it for years, but I pray for everybody in law enforcement or first responders because they need the protection of God’s hands over their work.”

Elsa Bisset – Lake Bottom Park Resident

The annual event shows the community first responders are people too.

“Actually being able to let our arms down and just kind of just, you know, spend time with the community, show them we’re human as well.”

Chris Anderson – Command Sergeant, Columbus Police Department

From firetrucks to tanks, kids have a chance to climb inside and get the full experience.

“It’s their eyes widening. As soon as they hop into the truck and we show them the equipment, their eyes widen for a while. And I know that that’s pure joy coming from them.”

Joseph Fugate – Firefighter, Columbus Fire and EMS

At the end of the day it’s the perfect environment to meet the men and women who serve and protect our community every day.

“Rather than actually having to go to a call for something negative, this is something very positive.”

Heather Chinn – Columbus Police Department, Officer

Events like this make the Columbus community stronger and safer.