Leadership training at Brookstone School in Columbus has expanded to a whole new level. The school has launched the Blanchard Leadership Institute at Brookstone. It’s the first time the program has been introduced at this level of education.

Billy Blanchard, the son of Jimmy Blanchard who founded the Blanchard Leadership Forum, is chairman of the Board of Trustees at Brookstone. In describing what the program will offer students, Billy says, “It’s going to allow them the opportunity to learn how to develop themselves, to look at themselves and examine where they need to grow and need to work, and we all need it. And they will also learn how to do that for each other.”

Marty Lester, the Head of School at Brookstone, added that “students are going to be able to pick their path, really pick the things they want to work on and develop as individuals. After that comes the ability to work with others and teams. We’re going to run it through our advisory program initially, but we fully expect it to be infused into our campus culture within a year.”

This new initiative is being led by a research and consulting firm based in Atlanta called The Developmental Edge. The company says the Blanchard Leadership program at Brookstone will allow all students, faculty, and staff to participate in an exercise called the Developmental Sprint. According to Andy Fleming with The Developmental Edge, “The Sprint is a practice that makes individual development a team sport. It applies ground-breaking research from our Harvard colleagues in a way that leaders and organizations around the world are finding meaningful.”