Bureau of Land Management holds Wild Horse and Burro event


Horses and burros were kicking up the dust Friday at the Ector County Colosseum’s Horse Arena.

“We have a good selection weanlings,” Wild Horse and Burro Specialist Crystal Cowan says. “We have weanlings that were born this year, we have some yearlings that are a year old, and we have some adult mares and geldings that are from 2-5.”

The Bureau of Land Management brought these animals to town with hopes to get the close to 80 of them adopted.

The adoption cost is only 25 dollars.
To be eligible to adopt, you must be at least 18 years old and have no prior convictions of animal abuse. There’s also a space requirement.

“Usually if they have livestock already their corrals meet our requirements,” Cowan says. “It’s a minimum of 400 square feet, which is like a 20 by 20, with access to shelter and food and water.”

If you think owning an animal this large might be a hassle, the Bureau of Land management has an incentive to adopt.
“The Bureau of Land Management is offering a new incentive this year,” Cowan says. “This is our first time to offer it in Odessa, if someone adopts an animal, they’re eligible for $1,000.”

The funding is spread out to receive the first half after 3 months, and the rest after a year.
That’s $1,000 for every animal, and it can help with caring and feeding costs.

“Just takes time and patience if someone’s willing to adopt,” Cowan says.

Cowan says owners reap the benefits after adopting.
“Usually folks really like the bond they have. The horses are wild, and it is a gentling process, but a lot of folks really enjoy the rewarding process of gentling a wild animal. And once they’re gentled, they have an amazing bond.”

If you want to learn more about these animals, you can head over to the Colosseum from 8 AM-12 PM on Saturday, December 7th, or you can visit BLM.gov.

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