OPELIKA, Ala.- Cindy Hammonds lives just off Opelika Road. Her neighborhood is a couple hundred yards away from the Tractor Supply Company store, which is across the street.

She says her neighborhood is very quiet, but adds that there are times where it is not quiet.

She told News 3 that for the past couple of years, the alarm at the store goes off, either waking or keeping up people in the neighborhood.”The next day, I’m at work and it’s hard to focus on work because I haven’t slept well and I’ve been thinking about the stupid alarm and what can I do to make it stop,” Hammonds said.

She says that she along with some of her neighbors have contacted the police regarding the alarm. In addition, Hammonds says she also contacted her city councilperson regarding the issue. Hammonds says she started tracking the number of times the alarm has gone off since last Easter. She says on that day, the alarm went off four different times, for a combined total of five hours. Even though the alarm last went off two weeks ago, Hammonds and her neighbors are waiting for it to go off again.

Opelika Police Chief, John McEachern says whenever the city gets a call regarding an alarm, they respond to it. Chief McEachern says the city’s police department has an average response time to alarm calls of three minutes. Chief McEachern adds that unlike some cities, Opelika does not have a fine for businesses or residences for false alarms and he does not foresee any changes to that policy. He adds that if the alarms begin to become a real problem, Opelika Police will make contact with the individual owner or proprietor of the business to try to get the issue resolved.

The city administrators office reiterated Chief McEachern’s comments about the city responding to each alarm call. The office told News 3 they felt the issue was resolved a couple of months ago, but said they will look back into it. The store’s manager says the alarm does go off, but they have not noticed problems with it.