COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Business has been good since The Photoshop, a selfie museum located at 1425 3rd Avenue in Columbus, opened on July 15, according to Sherricka Day, one of its three owners. Day said people often visit the museum around the end of the week or on weekends. 

“Last week, we did notice that there was a drop,” she said. “People were still coming through, but there weren’t as many people. And we’re attributing that to the week before back to school.” 

Day said appointment numbers have picked back up this week. 

She described a selfie museum as a “glorified photo studio.”  

“You’re just taking pictures of really cool backdrops,” she said. “You know, everything is kind of bright and fun and interactive. So that’s the first part, and then there’s the museum side, we wanted to build off of that and make sure that we were incorporating local artists into our space.” 

People can also record videos in the museum. 

Some scenes have been more popular than others. A very popular one is a telephone booth. Across from that is another hit, a boxing ring. Day said people also seem to like a wall with “706” painted in large numerals as well as a classroom scene. 

Plans are to rotate scenes every few months for the sake of variety. Because the business is so new, this hasn’t happened yet.  

“Just doing this business, you do kind of learn what works, what doesn’t,” Day said. “Like, some of the lights that we got – some are better than others, obviously. So we’ve just been kind of keeping up with that.” 

The business has over 20 scenes. Day estimated 10 of them were set up by local artists. Artist Mike Hodge painted the 706 wall as well as a nearby camouflage wall. Artist Tony Pettis painted a wall covered in thought bubbles.  

The Photoshop contains not only selfie backdrops but other works by local artists. 

The museum has received positive feedback from people of all ages, Day said, but it seems to be especially popular with youth ages seven through teens.  

Day said a group creating a reality series shot a tea party scene in The Photoshop in front of a backdrop that she calls “the forest.” A Facebook page called “Welcome to Colga,” which displays the group’s work, mentions the reality series’ name, “Welcome to Columbus.”  

Day said many people who visit learned about the business on social media. It has faced some obstacles in attracting customers. 

“A lot of people don’t know what a selfie museum is,” she said. “So those are two hurdles that we’re working through, as far as getting more, making people aware of us and then teaching people what a selfie museum is.” 

So far, nobody has booked the upstairs seminar room, which can seat 25 people. The room can be used to hold workshops, teach classes or have meetings. It has WiFi and a TV screen.  

“Actually, this afternoon, I have CSU alumni coming to take a look to see if they can book it for their upcoming networking event,” she said. “And we have a few organizations talking about booking it for later in the month of September.” 

Nearby are a restroom and a lounge area.  

Day said one of the upstairs rooms will eventually be a photography studio that photographers can rent.  

The business recently joined the Chamber of Commerce. 

“I was a member of the Chamber through Young Professionals before, so I’m aware of a lot the Chamber does for the community,” Day said. “And I know that once we opened up, that was something that we wanted to be a part of.” 

The Photoshop was founded by and is co-owned by three friends – Day, Francine Foster and Nedra Young.  

“So I guess I’m the connector,” Day said. “Nedra does my hair. And so, we were talking about this probably a year and a half, two years ago. Every time we’d come in, we’d talk about… One, we were always talking about things that we wanted to do outside of normal jobs. And then the selfie museum started popping up in conversation.” 

Day said she’s worked on community projects with Foster.  

“Eventually, I was like, we need to make this happen,” she said. “Let’s do it. And we all came together to make it happen.” 

Day said it took about two and a half months to set up the interior of the building.  

She hopes The Photoshop will continue to “thrive,” “evolve,” and cater to the needs of Columbus residents and attract visitors. She also hopes the business will inspire others to pursue their dreams.  

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