PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WRBL) — On Thursday morning, a group of employees, ambassadors from the East Alabama Chamber of Commerce (EACC) and others gathered at the State Farm at 1606 Broad Street in Phenix City to celebrate it opening. The new location is run by State Farm agent Kathy Powell.

The main part of the event was a ribbon cutting. But before that, EACC CEO and President Dennis Beson and Powell gave speeches inside the building.

Beson introduced himself and his organization.

“And our kind of coverage area, primarily is Russell County into Smith Station, but we have members all over the place, all over the world,” he said. “So we have members in Columbus, and we also have members from Opelika and Auburn that are a part of our company, too.”

Beson said he was excited that Powell had decided to open her new office in Phenix City.

“And if you’ve driven past this building a number of times, you might have just thought it was a really nice house ‘cause it looks really great,” he said. “But as you can see, what a great, great job inside here that you’ve done.”

Powell said that when she brought her team to see the office for the first time, their first stop was at the EACC.

“I am a big believer in businesses supporting businesses and the strength of what the Chamber does, so thank you all for being here,” she said. “And we look forward to, really, an active involvement with your Chamber.”

Powell said the Phenix City office is her second location and that she has another in Auburn that’s been open for 18 years.

“So being a State Farm agent is an old hat,” she said. “Managing two businesses and being in two places at once is going to be a brand-new experience for me. So luckily, I could not do it without the unbelievable team that I have. So I have three people that are here full time. I have someone that goes back and forth between the two.”

Powell said two of her Auburn team members were present. She introduced her employees and explained their roles one by one.

EACC ambassador Kelin Flis presented Powell with a goody bag.

“This is a bag of goodies from fellow Chamber members just to say thank you so much for becoming a Chamber member,” Flis said. “We’re so happy to have you, and welcome to Phenix City.

Everyone moved to the front porch for the ribbon cutting. After Powell cut the ribbon with a giant pair of scissors, Flis was the first person to enter what Powell called a “wind tunnel,” in which she caught bills of fake money blown upward by a fan. She successfully caught three winning bills, allowing her to choose three prizes.

Above, EACC ambassador Kelin Flis catches fake money in what State Farm agent Kathy Powell called a “wind tunnel.”

Guests were treated to refreshments.

In an interview, Powell said State Farm sells many different products.

“I think we say any given day, there’s like 99 products that we could be talking to our clients about and our customers about,” she said. “But obviously, the things folks know us best for are auto insurance, homeowners, renters, you know, rental homes, those types of things, and then life insurance.”

Powell’s State Farm number for the location is (334) 297-2337. Her website is