COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Georgia Senate is now looking at the Campus Carry Bill after the house approved it earlier this week, but a group of concerned parents want state leaders to take a closer look at what this bill will create.

A Senate committee is currently considering the Campus Carry bill that recently passed the House. The chair of that committee is Columbus Senator Josh McKoon and he says while he does support this bill, he is keeping an open mind.

The Campus Carry Bill is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration. McKoon is the chair and they expect to start hearings next week. This week dozens of concerned parents visited Senators seeking support. Lindsey Donovan is the Georgia Chapter Leader of Moms Demand Action for the Gun Sense in America. Even though she’s a gun owner, a military vet, a mom of two. She feels Georgia needs common sense gun legislation.

“These are 21 year old kids and there is a lot of pressure to academically perform well. There’s drugs, there’s alcohol, and it’s not a good idea.” Says Moms Demand Action member, Lindsey Donovan.

“There’s a lot of support in the Capitol for Campus Carry. I promised all parties we would have a fair hearing. We’re going to let everybody come to the table and share their views and we’re going to fully vet it.” Says Senator Josh McKoon.

Another House bill that was approved this week allows electroshock weapons like Tasers on campuses. That’s also up for discussion in McKoon’s Judiciary Committee.

“Senator McKoon says he is also in support of allowing tasers on campus but he is also keeping an open mind.