FORT BENNING, Ga. (WRBL) — Monday morning on post at Fort Benning the winning team of the Best Ranger Competition was recognized.

The grueling competition featuring 56 teams from across the Army was held over the weekend.

Specialist Justin Rein and Capt. Luke Ebeling of the 75th Ranger Regiment took home top honors.

They survived 32 events designed to test their physical and mental limits over three days.

“It just really shows that if you’re adaptable and if you’re willing to learn, you can really … ,” Rein said. “Everyone in the Army is here for the same purpose and we want to make a difference. So as long as we can adapt to our environment, you can really accomplish anything.”

Ebeling said that rank did not matter.

Rein is a Specialist, a junior enlisted soldier, and there have only been a couple to win in the 39-year history of the event.

“You’ve noted the fact that he’s a specialist, but you know, I think in the Army we get sometimes wrapped around the fact of what’s so-and-so’s rank,” Ebeling said. “But at the end of the day, you know, he’s got a degree and J.T.’s working on his master’s and was taking tests, you know, as we’re preparing for the competition. And I think in a lot of ways, sometimes that’s your that’s your standard specialist in the Ranger regiment, right.”

Ebeling is from Denver and Rein is from Rochester, Minnesota.

Medal of Honor recipient Col. Ralph Puckett was in McGinnis-Wickham Hall for the ceremony that recognized the top 16 teams to finish the 60-hour test.