COLUMBUS, Ga. – Pollen season is in full swing and it’s leaving its mark, especially on cars this past week.  One Columbus car wash has seen an increase in customers because of the pollen.

The GooGoo Express Wash on Mercury Drive had 527 customers Monday and 509 customers Tuesday, which is a couple hundred more than they normally average.

Derrick Cooper washes his car once a week.  He says he will likely start washing it more often to get all of the pollen off.

“I’m out here to get this pollen off my car because it’s very bad.  It’s been going on for the last week or so,” Cooper said.

Cooper says the pollen is so bad this year that he would consider washing his car everyday.

Experts say to expect pollen to be bad for the next few weeks to a month.  They also say the yellow pollen dust you are seeing on your cars is not the pollen that makes people sick.