LAFAYETTE, Ala.(WRBL)- A Chambers County jury found Casey Smith guilty of Capital Murder for the 2016 killing of his uncle, John Smith. The jury deliberated for less than two hours before delivering their decision. 

The murder occurred seven years ago when 38-year-old Casey Smith shot and killed his uncle, 52-year-old John Smith, in the victim’s Alabama Avenue West residence. The case garnered significant attention due to its long-standing nature and the alleged involvement of Casey’s girlfriend, Amber Hancock, who was also charged with Capital Murder.

Chambers County District Attorney Mike Segrest, who had earlier expressed dedication to addressing a backlog of cases, oversaw the trial.

The death penalty was not on the table, the jury’s swift verdict signifies a big step forward in the long-standing legal battle. The sentencing phase of the trial is set for December 1, where the court will determine the punishment for Casey Smith. It’s expected he will get life in prison.