VALLEY, Ala. (WRBL) – In the heart of East Alabama, Chambley’s in Valley is marking four decades of thriving as a cherished small-town business. Since its inception in 1983, this mom-and-pop shop has been a steadfast presence, building strong local connections and serving its loyal customers with care.

Owner George Chambley, a certified archery instructor, credits their enduring success to hard work and dedication. “I think it’s just hard work and being here every day and trying to figure out what your customers like, being considerate to your customers, and taking care of their needs,” says George.

What started as a modest fireworks stand has evolved into a versatile one-stop shop. Chambley’s now offers hunting supplies, bait and tackle, clothing, coolers, gas, and more. Shug McKay, a customer, expresses the sentiment of the community, saying, “I’m glad they made 40 years, and I hope they make 40 more.”

Chambley’s commitment to customer service extends to its gas pumps, making it one of the last full-service gas stations in East Alabama. “It is so convenient, especially when it’s raining,” says McKay.

George Chambley expresses gratitude for his loyal family and dedicated employees like Dewy. While competing against big-box retailers and online giants is a challenge, he emphasizes the value of finding something you enjoy and working hard at it. 

Most of all, George and his family are thankful for their customers.

“I appreciate everyone who is shopped with us over the years we really appreciate those customers who have come back every week or so and we got so many of those and I just wanna say thank you,” Chambley said.

As Chambley’s celebrates four decades of small-town success, it serves as an inspiring example of resilience and community support. Their dedication to their customers and adaptability in changing times are a testament to the enduring spirit of small businesses.