Checkup time: June is Men’s Health Month


Men, are you taking your health seriously?

When it comes to doing our best to keep our bodies in tip-top shape, Dr. Mark Stephan has some simple advice that leads to great improvements.

“Eat a vegetable. Get some exercise and drink in moderation,” said Dr. Stephan.

Dr. Stephan’s Equality Health advocates for greater services and stronger relationships between medical providers and all men, but particularly for minority and underserved communities.

“It’s particularly important for men of color, whether they have black skin or brown skin. There may be heightened awareness about issues of trust and respect and doctors and healthcare systems,” he said, stressing that he encourages doctors to do all they can to form strong bonds of trust with patients.

June is Men’s Health Month—a time to remind men of all backgrounds to assess their health and make a plan for taking charge now and in the future.

Along with eating right and physical activity, Dr. Stephan says the importance of not smoking CANNOT be overstated.

“There’s a chemical stress of smoking. And the day after you stop smoking, that chemical level goes down and the healing begins for the lungs,” said Dr. Stephan.

Stress can lead to enhanced risk of heart attacks and strokes.  So along with clean living, men should work to be emotionally healthy, too.

“Friends, family or people close to us, those close personal relationships, they buoy us as we get older. They’re good for our mental health, and they’re good for our physical health,” said Dr. Stephan.

So men, taking action in areas you can control, such as eating right, exercising, not smoking, and drinking alcohol in moderation can add happy years to your life.

Dr. Stephan shared so many other insights about men and their health.

He discussed yearly physicals and also offers advice on finding a doctor whom you trust.

In addition, he and News 3’s Greg Loyd discussed the stigma associated with men not showing emotions and how it impacts them physically and mentally.

Among other topics, Greg asked Dr. Stephan how we can encourage the men in our lives to visit their doctors.

Dr. Stephan discussed the importance of relating genetic history to doctors, and Greg asked Dr. Stephan what advice he would offer those who are adopted and do not know their genetic medical histories.

The full conversation between Dr. Stephan and Greg on men’s health and awareness is posted directly below this story.

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