COLUMBUS, Ga. — Strong words were exchanged today between Columbus City leaders as they continue to try to find ways to keep the Aquatic Center afloat.

City leaders are trying to work out a new commission to help run the facility.

City councilors discussed creating an Aquatics Commision to enhance and improve the services offered at the natatorium and all other city pools.

The council agreed to have Parks and Rec run the Aquatic Center – and now they are working out the details of the new Columbus Aquatics Commission.

There would be seven members on the board to serve in an advisory capacity to the director of Parks and Rec.

But tempers flared a bit when they were trying to work out the details on the power of the commission.

City Manager Isaiah Hugley said, “I’m just afraid that it’s going to get politicial and it’s going to get chaotic.”

City Councilor Jerry “Pops” Barnes says, “You’re being foolish and so I’m getting tired of this whole situation. The only thing that I want is for the Natatorium to run.”

The conflict was how much power the Commission would have.

The initial idea was for the formation of an authority.

The board discussed authorities in Columbus have historically cost the city money to exist.

There is still the possibility that this commission could evolve into an authority.

This was the first reading to amend the ordinance – no decision was made.

The 15-person Aquatic Center Task Force is another group helping to keep the Aquatic Center open.