COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Columbus city leaders are pushing for more active neighborhood watch groups to reduce crime. The city of Columbus reached a record 70 homicides in 2021, with this severe uptick in crime, leaders urge residents to implement safety measures within their own neighborhoods.

The Columbus Police Department’s, Crime Prevention Unit says, the organized “nosey neighbor” type program helps keep eyes on your street while looking out for one another. Present signage and being a registered neighborhood watch helps reduce crime.

District 1 city councilman, Pops Barns says within his district streets with active neighborhood watch groups implemented are the same streets with less crime. Barnes says The Columbus Police Department, Sherriff’s Office, and Public Safety need community members to be the eyes and ears to help them keep us safe.

Barnes is urging folks to stand up and take back their community.

“Just like those predators out there that are taking advantage. They plan, they watch, they scope, they see what you’re doing. Well guess what we could do the same thing. We have eyes, we have ears, we have a mouth. We can do the same things to take back our streets, take back our communities. Neighborhood watch is power. We’re taking our city back again.”

Pops Barnes – City Councilmen District 1

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch program, please call the Crime Prevention Unit at (706) 653-3173. Once a neighborhood watch group is established, a representative from the crime prevention unit will walk you through the process.