Closing arguments given in Double Churches murder trial


Columbus, Ga. — The closing arguments for the defense attorneys and prosecutors are done and the jury will be charged Thursday at 9 a.m.

Arguments started at 10:00 Wednesday morning and went through the late afternoon.

A’keveius Powell, Derian Waller and Jacquawn Clark are accused of murdering 24-year-old Demonde Dicks Jr. back in June 2016.

Prosecutor Mark Anthony went through the charges these defendants face.

All of them are accused of felony murder, armed robbery and violating Georgia’s street gang terrorism and prevention act.

Waller and Clark are accused of malice murder and Waller faces possession of a firearm charge.

“One of the things that Mr. Clark wants you to believe is that he was somehow an innocent bystander,” Anthony said. “Mr. Clark set this up and Mr. Waller actually went through with it and killed Mr. Dicks.”

“You cannot charge someone and convict someone of being involved in criminal activity based on a photograph of them in high school and who they hung out with two or three years before,” Clark’s defense attorney Jennifer Curry said.

The defense attorneys for Waller and Powell also gave their thoughts.

“Mr. Clark, when he returns to the scene after this horrific crime and he tells the detective everything he knows … he was there, he saw what happened. His cousin was the shooter, he doesn’t say a word about A’keveius,” Powell’s defense attorney Susan Henderson said.

“As far as Mr. Clark’s statement, his statement is only to be applied to against him, not Mr. Waller,” Waller’s defense attorney William Kendrick said.

Prosecutor Don Kelly spoke for about an hour to close out the trial.

“They are factually guilty,” he said. “We have the right people. There is no question who did this.”

Henderson and Kendrick also said words do not equal action. They are referring to the text messages sent, which prosecutors say shows intent among the three defendants to kill Demonde Dicks.

It will take about an hour for Judge Rumer to charge the jury.

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