COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Not one but three coffee holidays are on the horizon. Over the next week, the classic breakfast beverage will be the center of observances like National Coffee Day on Sept. 29, International Coffee Day on Oct. 1 and National Coffee with a Cop Day on Oct. 4.

With so many upcoming coffee holidays, here are some local shops to visit for your next brew, regardless of if you’re a fan of drip, cold brew or lattes.

Midtown Coffee House | 1342 13th Street

This veteran-owned coffee shop and café has riffs on the classic for every customer. A simple house blend coffee costs about $2 although fans of cold brew can purchase variations of the drink for $5.25 and above.

Midtown offers a honey almond cold brew, one with cold foam and a toddy version of the drink. There are also a variety of hot and iced late options for $3.50 and up, depending on milk choice, flavoring and drink size. Customers can also order americanos, espressos and cappuccinos. On National Coffee Day, Midtown will host its regular Friday night trivia. This week’s topic: Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite.

Fountain City Coffee | 1007 Broadway

This uptown coffee shop has an extensive coffee menu, offering espressos, daily brews, cold brews and house specials. Customers may order classic espressos, macchiatos and con pannas with a single- or double-shot of espresso for $2.24 to $2.97.  Other espresso-based drinks like americanos, lattes, breves and mochas come in 12-, 16- and 20 oz. options for $2.49 and up depending on number of espresso shots and beverage size.

Those looking for a simple cup of coffee can choose from Fountain City’s daily- or cold brew menu, which offers 12- to 20 oz. options for $1.85 and up. The coffee shop also offers two specialty beverages for those looking for an extra hit of caffeine: the “007” includes 4 shots of espresso and agave nectar, “shaken not stirred,” for $4.84, while “The Sunup” includes a double serving of cold brew concentrate with brown sugar for $5.92.

Fountain city also offers a variety of specialty lattes for $5.27 and up.

Harvest Coffee Co. | 2910 2nd Avenue

Harvest Coffee Co. offers a pared-down coffee menu, with prices ranging from $2 to $6. All of the coffee drinks served come from beans sourced from the café’s Georgia-based roaster. Customers in need of a simple hot coffee, may purchase it in 12- or 16 oz. form. Other hot drinks available for purchase include 12- to 16 oz. lattes, americanos, cappuccino or espressos.

On Harvest’s cold beverage menu, cold brew coffee is available in 16- and 20 oz. sizes. The same size options are also available for iced lattes and frappes. Those looking for something sweet, can try the coffee shop’s affogato, a single shot of espresso and a scoop of ice cream for $4.75.

Iron Bank Coffee Co. | 6 11th Street

The main attraction at this local spot is its extensive specialty latte menu. The shop boasts 18 unique latte flavor combinations, according to its online ordering platform. Drinks are available in small, medium and large sizes, costing $5 to $6. Some notable items include the “Be Mine” with chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla flavorings, and the “Cinnamon Roll,” which features butter pecan and cinnamon flavorings.

Drip coffee at Iron Bank costs $2.25. Those looking to get an extra boost in their coffee can try the “Red Eye” or “Black Eye,” mixes of drip coffee with one- to two-shots of espresso, respectively. Standard double- and single espresso shots are also available, as well as mochas, cortados, nitro brews and more.