UPDATE 3:54 P.M. 1/09/20:

We learned this morning that there were five dogs in holding that could have been euthanized for space today, but good news, they’ve all been either adopted or rescued.

UPDATE 10:33A.M 1/09/20:

Right now there are five dogs in holding that may be euthanized for space today. The center encourages owners who are missing their pet to stop in to pick them up They also encourage folks in the community to come in and adopt as soon as possible to prevent this.


Columbus Animal Care and Control center is celebrating an entire year without having to euthanize any animals to make space.

The center says they saw a decrease in euthanasia rates after former Mayor Teresa Tomlinson’s Save A Pet Program. It took effect almost 10 years ago.

Interim Division Manager Contreana Pearson says since the program was put in place there has been a decrease in the amount of animals euthanized, but this is the first time she’s ever seen that number at zero.

“I’ve worked with the city for 30 years. This has actually never happened before. Back in 2019 of January the 9th is when we put the last animal to sleep for space. And we have not put an animal to sleep since then. This was a community effort. A community effort involving citizens, volunteers, rescue organizations they have all backed us,” Pearson said.

In 2018, there were over 800 animals euthanized.

This Saturday the public is invited to celebrate this accomplishment at the Animal Care and Control Center.

Right now, the longest animal awaiting adoption has been there for over 40 days. The center says they encourage people to adopt when they come in to celebrate on Saturday.