COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A Columbus businessman drew more than 125 people to the Government Center steps Monday afternoon as he announced his bid for mayor. 

John Anker owns a Columbus manufacturing and packaging business, Ankerpac, and he says he wants to bring that business mindset to the city. In his announcement, Anker said he wanted to work with citizens to solve problems, including the city’s crime issues.

WRBL News 3 first reporter Anker was in the race last week.

Currently, Anker is the only announced candidate for the 2022 election. Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson told News 3 he will seek a second term, but that announcement won’t come until early next year. 

Anker was flanked by his wife, Beverly, and campaign manager Jay Pitts, who runs ClinCept, a clinical research firm.

“I am not running against any particular candidate or political party,” Anker said. “That makes me really happy. I want to run for Columbus. That makes me happy. I am running for office because I have a vision of what I think Columbus can be if we – you and me – roll up our sleeves together, talk together, pray together and work together. Together, we can win.” 

The non-partisan mayoral race will be decided on May 24, the same day, and the Georgia Democratic and Republican primaries.