COLUMBUS,Ga. (WRBL) — Saturday morning there were four row houses on fire on Second Avenue.

It created a lot of work for the Columbus Fire and Emergency Medical Service on a high-profile road.

The blaze fully engulfed two of the homes about 3:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Columbus firefighters were working quickly working a third house fire next door to the two already ablaze in the 3300 block of Second Avenue.

“… The arriving units were essentially fighting two different house fires at two different structures,” said Fire Marshal John Shull of Columbus Fire and EMS. “We had these two houses on fire, then we had some exposure two houses down.”

About five hours later a fourth house fire started in the same block.

The damage to the structures is significant. But there were no injuries.

“… We don’t believe people occupied this structure at the time of the fire. But that doesn’t mean people weren’t living there.” Shull said. “Nobody was found and there were no injuries, fortunately.”

The cause of the fires is under investigation.

“There were no official occupants inside any of these structures,” Shull said. “We know that we had a fire that was extinguished and then a few hours later we had another fire. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an incendiary type fire or that it was incendiary in nature. But those are the things we are looking into.”

But potentially it could be arson?

“Sure, there is always the potential there could be arson,” Shull said.

These are 100-year-old houses. You can see how close the first two houses that caught fire are to each. It can’t be more than four feet.

Since the first of the year, Columbus Fire and EMS has worked 22 structure fires. That number is a little higher than normal. But fortunately, there have been no fatalities this month.