COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Emmanuel Truitt had a Recorder’s Court hearing Tuesday morning but waived his appearance and Judge Julius Hunter continued on with the hearing.

Truitt is being charged with the murder of 17-year-old Deondre Reynolds. The murder took place on Nov 4, at 347 25th Ave. Detective Kyle Tuggle told the court when police units arrived at the scene they found Reynolds suffering from two gunshot wounds to the chest.

Tuggle told the judge that officers found several witnesses who were present during the shooting. Tuggle told the court the witnesses said Reynolds was sitting on the couch when Truitt entered the home and started to ask Reynolds several questions before shooting him.

Tuggle also told the court witnesses said Reynolds and Truitt were acquaintances. The detective said he didn’t know of any issues between the two. Tuggle testified and said investigators are still unsure as to why Truitt shot and killed Reynolds and this is still an ongoing investigation.

Truitt is also being charged with possession of a firearm. The case has been moved to Superior Court.