COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – After months of debate the Columbus redistricting commission has approved new district lines for the next decade, if approved by state and council.

After 10 different maps were presented to the commission over the course of five meetings, the vote was 15-to-1 for Map J.

Deputy City Manager, Pam Hodge, and her team adjusted the district lines according to the 2020 Census data. The goal is for each districts population and demographics numbers to fall within a target range, all while trying to keep neighborhoods intact.

With the link below, the interactive map allows residents to see where their address falls within the new proposed district lines.

After the last meeting, the concern with the final proposed map was District 8.
District 8, which covers west-central Columbus falls short of the ideal population and demographic benchmarks.

News 3 spoke with District 8 councilor, Walker Garrett, and he told News 3, “I lost East Highlands or a big portion of that, and that did hurt a little bit just because I’ve really given a lot of time and effort to helping that area. And the residents there have been so good to me, they’re like family … I’ve told them who have called me, to keep my cell phone number and keep it programmed because I will always be there for them … It doesn’t matter if you live in my district or not, I’m a counselor for everybody and I’m a counselor for everybody who lives in this town and every constituent.”

Both District 8 and 5, which also covers a portion of central Columbus, stand to change the most with the new proposal. District 5 councilor, Charmaine Crabb tells News 3, “The commission was very thorough and conscientious with the job they were set out to do, and yes I am satisfied with the new proposed district lines.”

The maps were sent to the The Georgia Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office for approval by the State. If approved, the next step will be for the Columbus City Council to vote on the map.