COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — EG.5 or Eris is the most recent Omicron coronavirus variant that is sweeping the nation. Some medical professionals believe that rising temperatures may be partially to blame for the resurgence of COVID instances. 

WRBL spoke with Dr. Jayne Morgan the executive director of health and community education at Piedmont Healthcare who shared that, “the hot weather is driving people indoors, so we’re less likely to be outdoors where there is more fresh air circulating.” 

Dr. Morgan goes on to say “This is also the first summer covid recreations being lifted. Social groups are carrying the virus from one to another where they may not have interacted in the past.”

The start of the new school year has also sparked a rise in covid cases because schools are the largest congregates settings within the United States.  Students are spreading the virus to one another as well as bringing it home.  

Dr. Morgan says the symptoms of this variant are comparable to the other variants.

“The symptoms are the same as the symptoms of all the other variants within this American family, and they tend to be fairly mild. Of course, they can be very significant for people who are very young or very old or immunocompromised or have any host of medical problems that may make them more vulnerable,” stated Dr. Morgan. 

There is expected to be a further surge in the colder months but not as bad as what was seen with Delta or other variants of Omicron due to a higher-level immunity in the country.