COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — These are anxious days for Columbus residents worried about relatives who live in Puerto Rico.

The island was hammered earlier this week by Hurricane Fiona, leaving people without power and other essentials.

Kathy Rosado lives in Columbus with her husband and youngest child.

Her parents and oldest daughter live Ponce. Fiona made landfall less than 30 miles to the west of Ponce, exposing the coastal community to the worst of the storm.

Rosado has been in communication with her daughter and received pictures of the aftermath.

“After Hurricane Maria, the infrastructure in Puerto Rico has been really bad. Bad to worse,” Rosado said. “So many things have been going on over there. It is more like a Band-Aid the things that they have done. And, here we go again.”

Hurricane Maria devastated the island five years ago.

Fortunately for Kathy, she has been in contact with her family. In her case, cell phones are working. Landlines are not.

“I was able to communicate with my mom and my daughter yesterday,” Rosado said. “My daughter has cell phone, and she was able to call me. Other than that there is no power. There is no water. And my mom’s, obviously, phone got completely disconnected.”

Here’s what Rosado’s daughter is telling her about the conditions now.

“There’s a lot of mudslides,” she said. “A lot of the bridges broke down. It is the southside of the area within the countryside. There’s a lot of areas up there that need the bridges to get from one point to another. And even after Hurricane Maria and they created new bridges, those bridges fell apart.”