COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – On September 11, 2001, people around the world watched video images of two planes flying into the twin towers in New York City. A Columbus woman saw the attack with her own two eyes.

Janice Marbury was doing some volunteer work at the Jehovah’s Witness headquarters in Brooklyn on September 11th, 2001. 

“It was a beautiful day, that day, when it first started out,” said Janice Marbury, a Columbus, Georgia native.

For America’s workers, coffee was likely brewing as commuters rushed about. A normal day. Until.

“A friend of mine said that uh a plane had just went into the Twin Towers,” said Marbury.

They rushed to the rooftop to watch.

“We were just standing there looking at it burning and I said ‘Oh here comes another plane that’s getting ready to put the fire out.’ So as the plane was coming around, it like supercharged into the second building.”

Janice Marbury – Witnessed 9/11

Marbury says it was like watching a horror movie. They went back into the building but continued to watch from the windows.

“It was scary. It really was scary. I thought about the people that were there and we were looking, we didn’t realize until later that there were some people jumping out, so it was pretty horrifying yeah.”

Janice Marbury – Witnessed 9/11

They knew they had to do something as they saw droves of people running towards Brooklyn from the Brooklyn Bridge. 

“They had soot and dirt all over them. You didn’t know what race a person was.”

Janice Marbury – Witnessed 9/11

They opened their building, providing a shoulder, and snacks, whatever they needed. Marbury turned to her Bible for comfort. She says she found it in Isaiah Chapter 41 verse 10 – a reminder from God to not be afraid nor anxious, that He will help her. She relies on that to this day as the physical reminders of that horrific day are firmly behind her.

Marbury says she doesn’t get anxious around September 11th. She’s found that people often want to talk about that day, so she shares what got her through it.