A local non-profit has become a catalyst for positive change in a Columbus community.

It’s a place where people are treated like royalty and the services are free. You may have seen it.  Commuters cutting through the neighborhood known as East Highland in Columbus can’t help but to notice the flurry of activity at the white brick building on the corner of 13th Avenue and 18th Street. Or perhaps they catch a whiff of what’s on the grill.  It’s called the Love and Kindness Community Resource Center, a Christian-based non-profit founded in April of 2019.

“We provide clothing shoes, toiletries, we provide groceries. We try to help people where we can with what we have,” said Renae Dickerson of the Love and Kindness Community Resource Center.

For Renae Dickerson it’s an assignment from God. It started when she saw a need in children with regard to clothing.

“I was praying about it and the Father just told me to start collecting clothes and I did that. We were gathering, my husband and I were gathering clothes for four months.”

Now there are rooms overflowing with shoes, male clothing, and female clothing. When the pandemic hit, Dickerson says they were overwhelmed with people who needed almost everything.

“Just simple things. Deodorant, a pair of used shoes. A coat.”

 Dickerson says she’s grateful they’ve gained the trust of the community. On Monday evenings, the parking lot is full for Faith, Food and Fellowship, a revival, where anyone can stop by for prayer or share their story like Ronnie Price who spent 28 years behind bars because of drugs. Then he met a man named Jesus.

“You do not have to be an addict all your life. God can take that away from you. Now I’m able to go back in these streets and in these trenches and help pull some of these people out,” said Ronnie Price, former drug addict.

A grassroots movement energized by this beacon of hope in a community that Dickerson says was ready for change. 

“They’re being pulled by drugs. They’re being pulled by different spirits that seem to be overtaking them and they were wanting help.” 

But here they get a lot more. Love, kindness, and hope.

“We count it a blessing and a joy to serve God’s people and these are God’s people you know not to mistreat them.”

All of the services are free. If you need school clothing for your children, you can call 706-580-8534 to make an appointment. 

Here’s a link to the Love and Kindness Community Resource Center’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Love-and-Kindness-Community-Resource-Center-106633178795363/