Is there a cure coming for robocalls?

Consumer Watch
Tired of getting those random calls from numbers you don’t recognize?  Have you ever answered them only to realize it’s a scam?

Robo calls from telemarkers and scam calls are inundating our mobile phones. Many of the scam calls originate from overseas using technology that clones or spoofs legit numbers to make it look like the call is coming from someone you know..  and it’s getting worse according to a company that offers data solutions to mobiles carriers .

But there may be a way to stop that.

T-Mobile began offering “Caller Verified” service.  It’s using a new technology nicknamed STIR and SHAKEN which the FCC wants all carriers to adopt.

Here’s how Stir And Shaken  technology works: When a person makes a call— the caller’s service provider checks the source of the call and the number  with a service to make sure it’s legit.

It then sends the call to your service provider using a special authentication code.

Your provider does a double-check by sending the code to  verification service. That service checks the number against a data base called a certificate repository. 

If it all checks out and isn’t a robo-call or a cloned number, the call is passed to your phone.

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