Lawmakers debate best method of stimulating economy


It would be a fast way to get money into most Americans’ hands.

“We all recognize getting money to people who are not receiving a paycheck is important,” said Sen. John Cornyn, (R) Texas. “Well, I think we all feel the need to act quickly to get money to the people who are through no fault of their own out of a job.”

Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown agrees, so long as workers in need are prioritized above corporations.

“If we’re going to do a relief package, the money needs to go in the pockets of workers,” Brown said.

Questions remain though: Who qualifies for relief money? How much is sent? Is this a one-time event?

“I sort of see it as something that is immediately necessary given the circumstances,” said Jonathan Bydlak, of R Street Institute.

Bydlak is a fiscal policy expert with the non-partisan R Street Institute. He agrees the measure is needed fast—but says it’s not clear if the government would issue money several times or just once.

“That’s really a question of how the economy looks a couple of months from now,” remarked Bydlak.

With more workers going without a paycheck, Bydlak says right now sending checks to Americans who qualify is a dependable way to stabilize at least some part of the economy.

Trump administration officials have already said Americans with high incomes won’t be eligible for relief money.

But at this point it’s not clear when congress will approve the relief package.

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